Adventure Waivers

Ditch the paper and save time with digital waivers

Collect waivers digitally

Go paperless by collecting your waivers digitally. Set up custom waiver forms and automatically request signatures.

No more lost papers

Cut down on manual work by automating your waiver process and keep your records organized as you scale your business.

Ask questions after booking

Follow up on new bookings with an automated email with all the questions you need to ask your customers before arrival.

How it works

Adventure Waivers helps you set up and store digital waiver forms for all of your tours.

Save time and energy by having your customers sign digital waiver forms before their tours begin.

Go paperless and never have to worry about losing waiver forms again.

Streamline your process with automatic emails that your customers fill out and sign.

Flag issues in real time, as you browse and view waiver forms.

Adventure Waivers automatically sync with Bókun, so you can assign waiver templates to your tours within minutes.

Unlimited number of forms

Create an unlimited number of waiver forms to fit each and every tour departure.

Unlimited number of waivers

There's no limit to the number of signed waivers per month.


Create your custom forms and schedule emails to customers.

Use any device

Compatible on all devices.

Issues flagged automatically

Potential issues are flagged for attention, ensuring that you have all of the correct information before guests arrival.

Great overview

Get a high level overview of completion rate and incorrect answers.

Fully digital

Stay organized with end-to-end digital process. Increase automation and quality of your tour operation.

Securely stored

Designed to protect your data, as well as your customers.

$99 per month

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